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Weekend Review

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After a LONG week of being sick, practicing for an oral argument, and dealing with a blizzard, I was ready for a fun weekend with Ryan.

Practicing for oral argument in the bathroom. Fantastic acoustics.

Clearing a ton of snow off my car during a blizzard on Friday morning,
only to find that classes were canceled for the day.

Unfortunately, with all the snow that we had, my car was completely stuck in my parking space. Half an hour of shoveling later, I was still stuck and Ryan was here. He ended up taking a cab back (~$20 with tip from downtown to Cleveland Heights – not bad considering the mileage) and spent about 40 minutes digging my car out while I heated up his favorite buffalo chicken dip (recipe here) and opened up a bottle of Bordeaux to let it breathe while I hung out upstairs.

So, not only did I get some free-ish labor, I also got my belated Valentine’s Day present.

Tiffany “Bean” bracelet.

(But seriously, I am SO incredibly thankful for the shoveling. If it took him 40 minutes, it probably would have taken me two days.)

The next day, we spent an entire afternoon at Home Depot. Most people probably like to go to the movies for fun, but Home Depot is like a grown-up amusement park for us. A few things we picked up:

1. Paint chips: Martha Stewart “Ladybug” and “Glass of Milk.” Ryan is planning on painting his loft sometime in the near future, and his favorite color is red. After debating between ten shades of red, we settled on this one. I’m surprised we decided on the off-white soon after, because there are SO many more shades of that.

2. Succulents! These cute little guys were sitting on a shelf, and I knew I had to get them because they remind me of home. I chose four that I liked, and Ryan did the planting. Unlike regular cacti, they do need to be watered regularly – hopefully I can keep them alive!

3. Bathroom light fixture. We found one on clearance for $20, similar to the one above, marked down from $90. We actually had to have one of the guys pull it down from the wall display because it was the very last one. It ended up being a great deal because it was exactly what Ryan was looking for, plus the store associate gave us the light bulbs for free. I think it will be a nice addition to Ryan’s bathroom, which needs to be upgraded soon.

4. Makeshift golf weights. Ryan wanted to create two weights for strength training. One is just a heavy pipe with some grip tape to simulate a weighted golf club. This helps to increase swing speed.

Another is a dowel with a rope attached to the middle of the dowel on one side, and a weight attached to the other side. You hold the dowel straight out in front of you and turn it length-wise to roll the weight up. This works out forearm muscles, which are really key for a solid swing.

We also tried out a few new places this weekend. To give you a quick recap:

Table 45 (“cosmopolitan” restaurant and bar) – thumbs down

La Cave du Vin (25th in “Best Beer Bars” on RateBeer.com) – thumbs up

Corky and Lenny’s (new to Ryan, deli famous for its corned beef sandwiches) – thumbs up

I think Ryan is going to make some sort of insane college football prediction for his next post, so stay tuned!


Written by ryanandjocelyn

February 28, 2011 at 11:34 AM

Grumpy Pants

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… is the nickname Ryan gives me when I’m being a little bit of a handful. Being young, I generally bounce back from colds pretty quickly, but this one walloped me and was like, NUH-UH SISTER. Five whole days of being sick is way more than I can handle, especially when I’m this busy. One of my friends in medical school thinks I have “sinusitis” because of my symptoms:

– fever on day one
– insane sinus pressure
– ear aches + molar aches (from the sinuses)
– nasal drip
– cough

I feel like I’m underwater because of the way everything sounds, and I haven’t eaten much because of I can’t smell anything. Actually, I took some Mucinex D (sort of like Sudafed, I think) and got my sense of smell back for a few hours! I ended up eating half a tin of chocolate covered cookies, peanut butter out of the jar, a granola bar, a hard-boiled egg, and some fruit snacks. I’ll eat anything when I’m hungry at 2 AM.

Things I’ve been using for my insides.

L-R: Tylenol PM, some Chinese cough syrup my mom gave me (which, surprisingly, does not taste like death), Aleve, Advil, Mucinex-D, Vitamin Water, Airborne, Robitussin cough

And because colds make me look miserable and ugly, here are some things I’ve been using for my outsides.

L-R: some minty mud mask I picked up from the drugstore, Burt’s Bees lip balm with pomegranate oil (I find this to be more moisturizing than the regular kind), Clinique Moisture Surge (perfect for my face – my cheeks get extremely dry during the winter but I break out from anything too heavy), L’Oréal leave-in conditioner I picked up from my hairstylist (must have for long locks), L’Occitane body lotion, Crabtree & Evelyn Citron hand lotion.

Oh, and this is the comfy shirt that I literally wore for three days straight because I couldn’t be bothered to do laundry.

On the bright side, I have an appointment with Student Health tomorrow, so maybe I can score some antibiotics and not infect my entire law school. Healthy me = healthy you!

Written by ryanandjocelyn

February 22, 2011 at 8:18 PM