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Weekend Review

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After a LONG week of being sick, practicing for an oral argument, and dealing with a blizzard, I was ready for a fun weekend with Ryan.

Practicing for oral argument in the bathroom. Fantastic acoustics.

Clearing a ton of snow off my car during a blizzard on Friday morning,
only to find that classes were canceled for the day.

Unfortunately, with all the snow that we had, my car was completely stuck in my parking space. Half an hour of shoveling later, I was still stuck and Ryan was here. He ended up taking a cab back (~$20 with tip from downtown to Cleveland Heights – not bad considering the mileage) and spent about 40 minutes digging my car out while I heated up his favorite buffalo chicken dip (recipe here) and opened up a bottle of Bordeaux to let it breathe while I hung out upstairs.

So, not only did I get some free-ish labor, I also got my belated Valentine’s Day present.

Tiffany “Bean” bracelet.

(But seriously, I am SO incredibly thankful for the shoveling. If it took him 40 minutes, it probably would have taken me two days.)

The next day, we spent an entire afternoon at Home Depot. Most people probably like to go to the movies for fun, but Home Depot is like a grown-up amusement park for us. A few things we picked up:

1. Paint chips: Martha Stewart “Ladybug” and “Glass of Milk.” Ryan is planning on painting his loft sometime in the near future, and his favorite color is red. After debating between ten shades of red, we settled on this one. I’m surprised we decided on the off-white soon after, because there are SO many more shades of that.

2. Succulents! These cute little guys were sitting on a shelf, and I knew I had to get them because they remind me of home. I chose four that I liked, and Ryan did the planting. Unlike regular cacti, they do need to be watered regularly – hopefully I can keep them alive!

3. Bathroom light fixture. We found one on clearance for $20, similar to the one above, marked down from $90. We actually had to have one of the guys pull it down from the wall display because it was the very last one. It ended up being a great deal because it was exactly what Ryan was looking for, plus the store associate gave us the light bulbs for free. I think it will be a nice addition to Ryan’s bathroom, which needs to be upgraded soon.

4. Makeshift golf weights. Ryan wanted to create two weights for strength training. One is just a heavy pipe with some grip tape to simulate a weighted golf club. This helps to increase swing speed.

Another is a dowel with a rope attached to the middle of the dowel on one side, and a weight attached to the other side. You hold the dowel straight out in front of you and turn it length-wise to roll the weight up. This works out forearm muscles, which are really key for a solid swing.

We also tried out a few new places this weekend. To give you a quick recap:

Table 45 (“cosmopolitan” restaurant and bar) – thumbs down

La Cave du Vin (25th in “Best Beer Bars” on RateBeer.com) – thumbs up

Corky and Lenny’s (new to Ryan, deli famous for its corned beef sandwiches) – thumbs up

I think Ryan is going to make some sort of insane college football prediction for his next post, so stay tuned!


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February 28, 2011 at 11:34 AM

Grumpy Pants

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… is the nickname Ryan gives me when I’m being a little bit of a handful. Being young, I generally bounce back from colds pretty quickly, but this one walloped me and was like, NUH-UH SISTER. Five whole days of being sick is way more than I can handle, especially when I’m this busy. One of my friends in medical school thinks I have “sinusitis” because of my symptoms:

– fever on day one
– insane sinus pressure
– ear aches + molar aches (from the sinuses)
– nasal drip
– cough

I feel like I’m underwater because of the way everything sounds, and I haven’t eaten much because of I can’t smell anything. Actually, I took some Mucinex D (sort of like Sudafed, I think) and got my sense of smell back for a few hours! I ended up eating half a tin of chocolate covered cookies, peanut butter out of the jar, a granola bar, a hard-boiled egg, and some fruit snacks. I’ll eat anything when I’m hungry at 2 AM.

Things I’ve been using for my insides.

L-R: Tylenol PM, some Chinese cough syrup my mom gave me (which, surprisingly, does not taste like death), Aleve, Advil, Mucinex-D, Vitamin Water, Airborne, Robitussin cough

And because colds make me look miserable and ugly, here are some things I’ve been using for my outsides.

L-R: some minty mud mask I picked up from the drugstore, Burt’s Bees lip balm with pomegranate oil (I find this to be more moisturizing than the regular kind), Clinique Moisture Surge (perfect for my face – my cheeks get extremely dry during the winter but I break out from anything too heavy), L’Oréal leave-in conditioner I picked up from my hairstylist (must have for long locks), L’Occitane body lotion, Crabtree & Evelyn Citron hand lotion.

Oh, and this is the comfy shirt that I literally wore for three days straight because I couldn’t be bothered to do laundry.

On the bright side, I have an appointment with Student Health tomorrow, so maybe I can score some antibiotics and not infect my entire law school. Healthy me = healthy you!

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February 22, 2011 at 8:18 PM

Three Films

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Preliminary Note: I am rarely deep. As such, my favorite movies are your regular guy films. I’m gonna try to give you a couple that you may not immediately think of, but these aren’t tear-jerkers, deep-thinkers or art house flicks. They’re just movies that I like that are less popular than The Godfather, Scarface and/or anything with Will Ferrell.

1. Green Street Hooligans. This is a movie about a college kid who gets expelled from Harvard and decides to go to England to live with his sister for a bit of a break. While there, he falls into friendship with a rowdy bunch of guys who are part of a football firm. A football firm is kinda like a soccer gang. It’s what it would be like if a bunch of Ohio State fans decided to get together and cause a bunch of shenanigans that ended up a bloody mess all the time. Then the Michigan fans would get together and we’d all brawl. It’s not something that would actually be a good thing, but damn, can you imagine how much fun this would be in real life?!?

2. 50 Dead Men Walking. My friend Todd turned me on to this movie. This one is about the conflict over Northern Ireland. One of the things that I liked about it is that it explains the complexity of the conflict in a manner that was clear, but I never felt like I was in a lecture. This was helpful since I knew very little about it before I saw the movie. There’s a gritty feel to it that helps convey the horror of the life of the main character. And the best part is that the movie is real (as in it’s based on a true story). If you’ve never heard of it before, see this movie.

3. Platoon. I remember when I was about 10 years old and this movie was shown on T.V. for the first time, my old man told me it was the truest depiction of life in Vietnam that he had seen in fiction. He was there for a year and a half and thus, I take his word for it. Anyway, it’s really gritty. It’s really dark. It highlights the blackest aspects of human nature and it’s even a little disturbing. It’s also about the hardening of the human spirit in adversity and the triumph of the individual in the midst of a losing effort of the collective.

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February 19, 2011 at 3:33 PM

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Weekend Recap

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This weekend was an absolute whirlwind of fun. I flew into Chicago instead of taking the bus to catch Ryan’s classmate’s surprise birthday party, and honestly, it was probably the best time I have had in a long time.

While Ryan was at work, I swung by Zara to return a pair of too-small pants. To my delight, Zara was having a sale! The construction of their pieces can sometimes be shoddy, but I like how they have modern cuts. It always feels like a treat to shop there because the Chicago location is the only one in my three cities (San Diego, Cleveland, Chicago). I ended up exchanging the pants for a vintage-fit cream sweater with slim gold stripes, a blouse-y black top, and a gray knit t-shirt. I paired the sweater with my black William Rast skinny jeans to create my Friday night outfit.

Here we are!

I also have photos of my Valentine’s Day (technically not, since we celebrated it on February 12th – product of being in a long-distance relationship) date night outfit. I promised some of you pictures on Twitter and sadly, did not deliver because I promptly fell asleep after we came home. While unpacking, I decided to put on my outfit again to share with you.

Dress: H&M
Necklace: Alexander McQueen
Tights: Calvin Klein
Boots: Target

I found this dress at H&M last week, so if you like it, I think you would still be able to find it in the store. It comes in black and nude, but since I already have a closet full of black dresses and the shoulder detail “disappeared” on the black dress, I opted for the nude one. I can see myself re-wearing this dress in the spring, and maybe in the summer.

To counterbalance the airiness of the dress, I paired it with my skull and fang necklace, sheer black tights, and black suede ankle boots with ruffle detail around the ankle. I can definitely justify splurging on jewelry, but I went way cheap on the boots because they don’t hold up well to winter weather. If you have to scrub salt stains off your shoes every time you wear them, you really shouldn’t be spending more than $30 on them.

We also took a bunch of pictures of our food from dinner, but nothing photographs well under low light, especially not with a camera phone. I really wish blogs came with a scratch and sniff button, because then I could at least share with you the truffle aroma from the fries.

Now that my magical weekend is over, it’s back to work! I finished a bunch of my reading for evidence on the bus, but I still have to work on my appellate practice oral argument, read some criminal procedure, do some research for my note… you get the idea. *grudgingly opens book bag*

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February 14, 2011 at 3:30 PM

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Seven Wants

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A preliminary note: This list has been generated by me and is germane to me. That is, I’m leaving out all the stuff that anybody would say. For example, there will be no lottery pleas or yearning for the fountain of youth. Also, I’m not going to talk about peace in the Middle East or curing world hunger. Of course I want those things too, but in my opinion this should be fun.

1. A job would be nice. I know, I’m starting small, boring and universal, but right now, I spend more time thinking/worrying about the next few years and my ability to pay my debts than almost anything else. I’m reading the journals and the blogs in my industry, but very few attractive prospects pop up and I’m getting skerrred. Okay. Everything else will be fun.

2. A new Big Dog Mastiff. I really shouldn’t have to explain this. Just look at this thing. It’s just about the most beautiful piece of machinery I’ve ever seen, behind my girlfriend and my nieces.* Big Dog Motorcycles has found a way to sculpt metal into pure magical grace while at the same time retaining the lamest company name in the business.

3. A 1967 Chevrolet Camaro SS (Preferably Midnight Blue with White Racing Stripes and Black Vinyl Interior). This is another no-brainer. I know that there are a lot of Ford guys out there that will say, “If you’re gonna put a muscle car on the list from that era it HAS to be the 1964 ‘stang!” Yeah, yeah… I respect the history as much as the next guy and I appreciate the value of breaking new ground, but the ’67 Camaro just catches my eye the right way. Nothing against the Ford lovers or the MOPAR crew, but this is one helluva beautiful piece of Americana.

4. A National Championship for The Ohio State University’s football and men’s basketball teams in the same year. I know, I’m getting pretty greedy with this one, but what the hell; it’s a WISHLIST.

5. A condo in Vail, Colorado. I love to ski. If there were some way that I could ski more frequently, that would make me happy. I’m not talking about needing a giant ski villa, but if someday I can get my family and myself a condo in Vail, Keystone or Breckenridge, I would be a happy camper.

6. A 2009 Harley Davidson FXSTB Night Train in Black Denim. “Two motorcycles on one list?!?” you say? Yeah. What can I tell you? I’m a bit of a gear-head. Plus, a Big Dog Mastiff really isn’t much of a practical bike. It’s more of a weekend cruiser while this Harley is a bike that’s made to be ridden every day.

7. A country club membership in the town where I eventually live. My girlfriend and I are both golfers. We’re pretty much SUPER into it. She’s a little better than I am and thus more competitive about it, but still, we love to get out there and play. Having enough money to be a member of a club where we could play whenever we want would be awesome.

* I asked him if we were really pieces of machinery, and he said yes. -_-“

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February 10, 2011 at 7:48 PM

Ten Days of Us

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Some of our friends have embarked on this “Ten Days of You Challenge” where they post a varying number of things that express who they are. No rule says that we have to do this in order, so I’ll start with my favorite: food!

Five Foods, in no particular order.

1. Garlic Pudding by Chef Matt Mathlage of Light Bistro in Ohio City, Cleveland, OH.

A few months ago (November?), my friend asked me if I would like to attend Cleveland’s First Annual Dinner in the Dark. Expecting to be served in the dark – literally – I hesitantly said yes.

Turns out, the “dark” element of the meal would only be the dish itself. Six chefs prepared six meals, with proceeds going toward a charitable cause.

Our first dish was garlic pudding. I know it sounds absolutely awful (I had imagined a vanilla pudding pack with minced garlic), but this spoonful of pudding was TO DIE FOR. No other dish has left such an impression on my palate. To this day, I still have cravings for this.

I’d describe it as a super-dense, creamy sauce quenelled onto a green (pesto?) sauce on a plate. The roasted garlic flavor was so subtle, almost like it was just whispered into the pudding. I’ve never had anything like it. If I could condense this haphazard description into two words, they would be heavenly mouthfeel.

Excuse me while I wipe the drool off my keyboard. And, while I’m at it:

Dear Chef,

One request. I know this was a special little starter created just for this event, but will you please please please put this on your menu? Or, possibly just make this for my birthday? (March 29th, in case you were wondering.) I’d also be up for the recipe. If need be, I can keep it a secret. I’ve never been this desperate for a dish in my life!


2. “Amsterdam Style” Mussels from Home Bistro in Boystown, Chicago, IL.

Following a recommendation from his older brother, Ryan took me to Home Bistro for our very first date. It’s a BYOB restaurant, so we swung by the grocery store to pick up a bottle of wine for him (some red I don’t recall the name of) and a Rogue Dead Guy Ale for me.

The place is pretty tiny – like most other Chicago restaurants, I’d learn, we were packed like sardines into tables that were within about a foot of the table next to us. Dim lighting helped us ignore the drunk Texan couple trying to make conversation with us.

As soon as the menus came to us, I knew what I wanted to order. The words “rabbit” and “pappardelle” always make my heart skip a beat, as I’ve always generally had luck with that dish. Ryan ordered the mussels, which sounded thoroughly unexciting.

Talk about entrée envy! Our waitress brought out this giant bowl about the size of a mixing bowl filled to the top with garlicky mussels. On the side, Ryan had a basket of truffle fries. Much to our delight, HB doesn’t skimp on the garlic or the truffle oil. Forget the rabbit pappardelle! We ended up mostly splitting his dish that evening. We’re headed there again soon, and I know exactly what I’ll order this time.


3. Bearnaise sauce atop the Hanger Steak from L’Albatros in Cleveland, OH.

Even if we just went to L’Albatros the weekend before, Ryan will always say, “Hey, I think we should go to L’Albatros next time we go out for dinner.” This man cannot get enough of this restaurant! Here’s why:

The wine selection is fantastic. The place is modern, but cozy enough for dates. The table has a little white jar of whole grain mustard, which pairs fantastically with the chicken liver and fois gras mousseline. It’s located right next to my law school (and by default, fairly close to where I live). But really, here’s the reason: the bearnaise sauce that comes with the hangar steak.

To be honest, the steak is what he would call, “good not great.” It’s a steak that would absolutely make your tummy happy, but it’s not anything to write home about. But paired with this creamy, tangy bearnaise, it’s out of this world. Have you seen Giada de Laurentiis from Food Network make that face when she eats something delicious? Ryan does that, but in a markedly less sexual way. And then for the next fifteen minutes, in between bites, he’ll rave about the sauce and how he wishes he could put it on every steak he eats.

That’s how much he loves it.


4. Pan Fried Pork Chop Saltimbocca from Greenhouse Tavern on East 4th in Cleveland, OH.

I’ve had a mixed bag of experiences here. I organized a little field trip for my birthday so that my fellow classmates could try this restaurant I had heard so much about. It was a Monday night, so the restaurant was fairly empty. Why then, did our waitress make such a big stink about splitting the check as soon as she seated us? A big party (~12 people) means you’re guaranteed a decent tip, and I usually tip over that amount anyway because I appreciate good food and good service.

Anyway, moving on. There are things on the menu that I like (fois gras clams – YUM, white wine and grapefruit granita – please bring this back) and things that I don’t like (steak – came out tasting burnt even though Ryan ordered it rare, gravy frites – everyone loves these but they tasted mushy to me). There is one thing on the menu that I guarantee I will always order as long as it is still listed on there, and as long as it is always prepared the same way.

The pan fried pork chop saltimbocca somehow manages to be super moist and flavorful on the inside and super crispy on the inside. Seriously, the skin reminds me of Peking duck – that crispy. Also, what makes this pork chop special is the rosemary rub they managed to sneak in between the skin and the meat. I like that I can always count on this dish to be delicious and satisfying every single time.


5. Macaroni and Cheese from Lucky’s Café in Tremont, Cleveland, OH

For most people, burgers and pizza are probably most people’s favorite American foods. For me, it’s macaroni and cheese. I absolutely abhor the cheap Kraft kind, but a great homemade version will release thousands upon thousands of endorphins. Usually when I make it at home from scratch, I use a few different kinds of cheeses (cheddar and Havarti are my go-to), and add a bit of cayenne, paprika, peas, bacon, and beer. Beer, you say? Think beer cheese soup. If you’ve ever had it, you’ll understand why.

So usually, my own version will do. And usually, someone’s restaurant version will do. But really, Lucky’s baked version blows all of ours out of the water. They use a combination of cheddar, brie, parmesan, and mozzarella. Brie is probably my favorite part – the dish is studded with little cubes of them, like hidden gems.

My one complaint is that it used to be perfect, but recently the cheese sauce has been a lot runnier recently. Chef, please use more flour in your rue! Or do something to make it as good as it once was! I once went to Vine and Bean (sister restaurant) near Shaker Heights hoping the macaroni and cheese would be the same, but it had the same runny sauce. It’s closer to me, and if Lucky’s mac and cheese is going to have runny cheese sauce, I might as well go to Vine and Bean instead.

Protip: make sure you ask for the bacon (an extra dollar or two) and the hot sauce (free, and not actually spicy, but incredibly flavorful). Actually, the hot sauce is so delicious that we bought an entire bottle of it ($12), which we use on eggs and chicken.


Here are some honorable mentions:

Velvet Mushroom Soup – AMP 150 in Cleveland, OH
Bacon Toffee – Rootstock in Chicago, IL
Prime Rib – Wildfire Restaurant in Chicago, IL (one of Ryan’s favorites)
Three Cheese Polenta – Dante in Tremont, Cleveland, OH
Roasted Marrow – Roast in Detroit, MI

Happy dining!

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February 6, 2011 at 10:05 PM

Friendly Wager

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Sorry for the lack of updates! This past month, Ryan and I have been rather busy with school and family. Now that finals and the holiday rush are over, we are getting excited for bowl game season.

Before dating Ryan, I hardly ever watched college football. After baseball season comes to an end, I hibernate from sports until spring training rolls around. When I do watch college football, I usually only watch the Stanford-Cal game. Now that I have a great team to root for (go Bucks!), and thanks to Ryan for being patient enough to explain things to me (What is a triple-option? What is a spread offense? Why do they call it a “pick six”?), I am starting to get into it.

I still know next to nothing about college football, but I felt confident enough to pick winners and losers for the bowl games. We decided to wager a friendly bet: the person who picks the most correct winners gets dinner at the restaurant where we had our first date. Essentially, we both win because we both get dinner, and I have a sneaking suspicion that Ryan may not let me pay even if I lose. I’ve got my eye on the almond-stuffed dates wrapped in bacon and coated in brown sugar!

Here are our picks:

Surprisingly, we both chose many of the same teams! I made my choices based on what I had seen over this past season (we generally watch 2-3 games per Saturday), and not based on the odds. I get the feeling that I may lose because Ryan watches College Gameday so often, and the Air Force win is already a nail in the coffin.

What do you think? Do I still have a shot?

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December 28, 2010 at 9:58 PM